Stand Up & Care?

Help yourself & build your own support network.

Domestic Violence, Human aide, Global warming issues etc

It makes sense to use Social media with purpose!

Do you need crowd support?

Would crowd support help you?

Then: Register a new social media account that includes global positioning & video link. If it is personal support invite family, friends & professionals. If you require an action group your crowd would be supportive of your idea.

“Keep your care group small when it is personal or medical.”

Human Aid Hub Group: help your community & form a local volunteer support group for people with Pandemic needs.

Humanitarian: suffering & food shortages your group could garner support for humankind with educative programs in permaculture (free food growing) more……

Women Voice Be that group in your company , team, school, town, other that speaks out about abuse. Standup and liberate those inflicted by abuse to live a normal life rather than one with the pain of a hidden story. Speak out with your group and get support from your group.

Domestic Violence in your life? Well it is time to help yourself & build your crowd support. Why wait on a phone for help or an appointment when you are being insulted; you could engage your group for immediate help!

Create that new social media group with family, friends, local DV services, police & professional people who know you & your situation. Move on from violence by seeking your groups input into your situation before an instance, in the instance or after an instance.

Environmental issues: with global warming, fossil fuels, new coal mines, fracking, deforestation, water miss use & pollution more…. it is important we cool the planet. Your group to include like minded people who would stand up locally & do something! Doing nothing should not be an option!

Standup is Black & White but can you be bothered to create that care group?

Medical condition? Create your new social media group relative to your condition for real time support from other suffers. In your group include professional counselors, medics who can have input into your group instantly supporting you. We suggest you keep these groups small, real/personal.

Sporting teams, Environment, more: unwarranted bank charges, school bullying, feral animals, noxious weeds, drinking water pollution, native animal extinction, river/ocean toxicity the list is endless of what we need to stand up for generations who are to follow. Enough is enough in so many areas of modern civilization yet together we can answer the call for the sake of the generations who follow…our grandchildren.

Covid-19 pandemic is sweeping the globe so it is important to create that group while in isolation. Use a social media app that includes global positioning and video linking! With your new social media account you will get support and offer support. Remember we are using social media with a purpose!

Fire/Flood/Natural Catastrophes: by having your personal crowd support in place you have immediate support for you and your family during difficult times.

Political issues: detrimental to your community or country, then create your group to be a game changer and join like minded groups to be heard to create change.

Wages: Are you being under paid? Are your working conditions unfair? Then start your group to demand better pay & conditions among fellow workers, ‘like a live workers union’ & together reason with your Boss for a better outcome.

Disability – create that new social media group as a support team so when in need you have support from the team to make life that bit easier. Ask your team for advice offer advice and enjoy your the interaction of fellow persons.

Addictions: in your group you would have support with main stream clinics & community support groups.

It is time to stand up for things you care about with crowd support.

Make Social media work for you & your community.

It’s Time:

  • to use Social Media to help you
  • to use Social Media with purpose
  • to use Social Media as a Tool
  • to use Social Media your way
  • it’s time for a new Social Media account
  • Get started carefully choosing who is your crowd or who your volunteers are to be
  • Together we can bring on the new age.

It is time to stand up with your crowd support.

Standup & help shape a new world created by everyday people like you and me!

Will you or could you stand up today if in need?

Thank you & we trust our suggestions help you in your life.

Any donation to Echoz our mother company will help us make our online presence more predominant because we must stand up to bully’s, politicians and global warmers together. It is time for a change with people power standing together as one locally! Remember enough is enough, no bull.