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Easy “Standup” How?

Open a new social media account ‘Devoted’ to your well being, safety, security

It is Black & White
Self help is Black & White, but can you be bothered?

Invite family, friends, professionals & groups who will support you. Go. Open a new social media account ‘Devoted’ to your well being, safety, security.

Is today the day you need crowd support?
Keep your group small if a personal or medical issue.

With this pandemic sweeping the globe it is more important than ever to create that group while in isolation, try a new social media app! By maintaining communication with those people around you, you get support and offer support; interaction.

Say you have Domestic Violence in your life or want to stop it before it starts. Well it is time to help yourself because the governmanets and support groups are not close to the action like you & your phone. Do not wait for it to escalate before you get support from the group you elect.

Create that new social media group with personal/professional people you know who will support you. Move on from violence by seeking your groups input into your situation before an instance or in the instance and ACT.

Why wait on a phone when you are been insulted when you could message your group for immediate help. We suggest you include in your group local DV help, professionals & police that would then have your GPS location to assist in an emergency.

Lets face it governments are not personal and will never be able to act as quick as you could with your new social media account group.

Governments do offer support!

Fire affected recovery groups get support for you and your family during redevelopment stages of your life.

Maybe you have an environmental issue with global warming, fossil fuels, new coal mines, deforestation, water pollution, humanitarian suffering? Then stand up with your crowd support & do something to help others and yes help cool the planet as apposed to just whinging about it! Join many groups for action.

Say you have a political issue you think is detrimental to your community or country, then use your group to garner support of other groups to be heard & create change with crowd supports joining.

Say you have a medical condition? Then create your new social media group relative to your condition, get support from other suffers in the group you have elected. We suggest you keep these groups small, real/personal. Include professional counselors, medics who can have input into your group.

“Wages” Are you being under paid? Then start that group to demand better pay & conditions among fellow workers, together your crowd support can cut your bosses profit in one day alone so he could reason with the group leaders. Like a real life union in action.

Say you have a Disability – create that new social media group & have your existing support team (& more) join your group so when in need you have support from the team you have put together.

Say you have an addiction, in your group you would have support with main stream clinics & community support groups.

It’s Time

  • to use Social Media to help you
  • to use Social Media with purpose
  • to use Social Media as a Tool
  • to use Social Media the way we choose
  • to open a new Social Media account to get started

It is time to stand up yourself for things you care about with your crowd support.

Will you need to stand up today? Be Ready!

Personal crowd support using social media